Online UPS - Three phase input / Three phase output

Online UPS - Three phase input / Three phase output


  • INVERTER: IGBT control PWM technology with pure sine wave output
  • RECTIFIER: Full wave rectifier by using IGBT charge power factor correction
  • FILTER: DC power capacitors with choke input filter


Input Voltage 170 - 270V
Input Frequency 50Hz ±6%
DC Bus 24 - 192V DC
Rectifier Bridge rectifier full wave
Charger IGBT Power factor charger
Input PF > 0.97
Charging current Depending upon the system
Charging voltage Depending upon the system
Ripple without battery < 1%
UPS output voltage 220V AC @ Single phase
Regulation ± 1%
Frequency 50Hz ±0.1
Waveform True sine wave
Total harmonic distortion < 2% minimum for linear load, 5% for non linear load
Overload capacity 125% for 10mins, 150% for 1sec
Inverter Type IGBT based PWM with instantaneous sine wave control
Duty cycle Continuous
Manual bypass Provided
Inverter Efficiency > 93%
Converter Efficiency > 94%
Converter protection MCB and HRS Fuse, soft start for 0-60 sec from input power
Inverter protection MCB and HRS Fuse,high speed pulse by pulse electronic over voltage / under voltage production, over current trip with reset
LCD Display Output voltage, DC voltage, Load in watt, batter low, Output low / high, overload

 Note:   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

              *Image shown are just indicative