AIO LED Street Light (70W - 80W)

AIO LED Street Light (70W - 80W)


  • Integrated Design & Structure - Solar panel, Lithium Battery, Controller and Light engine are integrated in one housing. It makes easy installation, connection and maintenance.
  • Programmable - Built-in smart MPPT solar controller with option of adjustable dimming and timer based control managed remotely through mobile app.
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel - We use monocrystalline cell for solar panel which are more efficient than normal polycrystalline cells. It saves on size which makes product light in weight and compact.
  • Using Lithium battery for long life and light weight.
  • Built-in MPPT technology for charging the battery by deriving maximum power from solar panel.
  • Control &monitoring remotely.


Parameter 70W 80W
Charge controller Type  MPPT
MPPT tracking efficiency  99%
Convertion efficiency >90%
Standby power <20mA
Protection Over Charging & Discharge, LVD, HVD, Temperature, Short Circuit
Battery type  LiFePo4
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Battery capacity 42Ah 48Ah
HVD 14.6V
Charging type CC CV
Max charge current 7A 8A
Max Discharge current 7A 8A
Panel type  Mono-Crystalline
Panel power 100Wp 120Wp
Max Voc 21V
Vmp 18V
Isc 5.74A 6.8A
LED power  70W 80W
LED max lumen output  10500lm 12000lm
LED system Efficiency >150lm/W
LED CCT 5700(+/-500) K
Lighting Mode Timer/Voltage SOC based dimming operation
Lens type PC (IP67, IK08 rated), Type II
CRI >70
POH >50000 Hrs
Storage temperature 0 to 45deg
Ambient temperature for charging 0 to 60deg
Ambient temperature for discharging -10 to 60deg
Backup hours efficiency >20hrs @ Power save mode
Dimming Available (Timmer/Voltage Based)
BLE light Control &Monitoring Optional
Hybrid charging /load drive Optional
IP Rating IP65
Material Aluminium Alloy
Installation height 7-9mtr 10-12mtr

Note:   *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

             *Image shown are just indicative